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A municipal corporation is a term that is used for the local governing body. A city, town or even a village can be referred to as municipality. Corporations buy these municipals, and they usually have the power to do business with private sectors. The state government gives municipal corporations power. The city council of France is headed by the chairperson who is referred to as the mayor, and he is elected by the members of the board. As the chairperson of the council, he has various duties and responsibilities. In France, the mayor is said to represent the state, and he is responsible for various activities that are done by the municipal police. The mayor is also the civil officer of the state in France.

Back in the 1790’s the members of the municipal council were elected by the citizens of that community and they were directly elected for two years. Later the mayors were selected by the members of the board. Today, the mayor is elected by a secret ballot of councillors in the municipal. If there is a tie among the candidates, the oldest among them gets to be the mayor. To be a mayor you need to be at least 18 years of age, and you also need to be a French National. The other members of the council can be of any European Union Member country.

How Municipal Corporation Works in France

It is a must that the council must have a meeting at least once a quarter, and if more than one-third of its members request for a meeting, then the council should meet once a month.

The composition of the council:

The total number of seats in a committee will depend on the number of inhabitants in that particular municipal. Initially, if there are less than 100 residents in the area, then there must be seven council seats. Municipals which have more than 300,000 inhabitants, the council needs to have about 69 seats.  Paris has a total of 163 councillors.


The election varies from place to place depending on the size of the municipality. The officials are elected every six years, but the city councillors do not have any limit. The municipal that has more than 3500 residents need to choose their councillors using a two-round system and proportional representation. Municipals that have less than 2500 inhabitants, the candidates need not be registered.


In France, the mayor heads all the councils, and he is responsible for making decisions of the committee. He has many responsibilities and presides over the council. The Mayor organises the work that needs to be done in the municipality. The council has the rights to make decisions on the use of property in the locality. They are also responsible for bringing development plans to improve the condition of the society.