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Permits and authorizations

Did you know that it is necessary to obtain a building permit or a certificate of authorization to carry out certain works?

  • For all your construction , conversion, expansion , renovation  or addition projects to carry out certain works (eg main building, accessory building such as shed, garage, etc.)
  • For a change of use or destination of a building
  • For moving, repairing and demolishing a building
  • For the installation of a swimming pool
  • For the construction, installation, maintenance, modification and maintenance of any sign
  • For the felling of trees
  • For the felling of trees for commercial purposes
  • For the installation of retaining walls
  • For the installation of a culvert
  • For the construction of a septic system
  • For digging a well for human consumption
  • For all works bordering a watercourse
  • For the construction of a pond or artificial lake
  • For the construction of a path
  • For a subdivision
  • Plan  erosion control

Lower Permit Application Forms

Conditions for Issuing a Construction Permit

These are all important conditions (one does not take precedence over the other) and all must be met.
This document does not replace the municipal regulations and has no legal value.


The land on which the new construction will be located must form one or more separate lots on the official plans of the cadastre. If the person has acquired rights regarding the dimensions of the lot, then the person will have to prove by presenting a notarial act and / or registered in this respect. It is not because the land has been surveyed that it is necessarily possible to build.


The land must be adjacent to a public or private cadastral street and constructed in accordance with the requirements of the subdivision by-law in force at the time of the cadastral operation and the construction of the street.


A percolation test must be done in the field to demonstrate that there is a possibility of developing a sanitary system in accordance with the Environment Quality Act and the regulations made under its jurisdiction. (Q-2-r.8., Regulation respecting the evacuation and wastewater treatment of isolated dwellings).


Construction must be done in accordance with current municipal regulations (when the permit application is filed). Owners must provide the information necessary to study the permit application. (Permitted Regulations and Certificates).


Before the beginning of the construction works of any new construction, a plan of implantation must be provided and the construction must be established with the help of stakes by a surveyor.


To permit the issuance of the permit requested, the permit application must be paid as well as the municipal taxes.

Permit application forms

For all your work requiring an authorization, please fill in the appropriate form from the list below and return it to the secretariat of the municipality with payment of the amounts indicated.

For more information:

Do not hesitate to contact the inspection and planning department of the Municipality of Eastman:
Telephone: 450-297-3440

Simon Provençal,