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Park of passing time

Located near the Parc des Sports, the “Parc du temps qui passe” offers a place of exquisite relaxation for nature lovers and gardens who want to relax or simply read a good book under the cover of trees. During the summer period, outdoor concerts are organized.

Sports Park

The Municipality of Eastman is proud to participate in the physically active lifestyle of its citizens by providing an environment conducive to the practice of sports activities of all kinds. The Sports Park is a vibrant example with its multiple trays.

Located in the heart of Eastman life, the sports park is accessible to all because of its accessibility and diversity of activities. For the comfort of users, picnic tables and public toilets are available on the site. Children’s Park Fully fenced to ensure children’s safety the playground has been specially designed to meet the needs of toddlers. Slide, swings, climbing games, sandbox, everything is set up to entertain and move young citizens.

NB Dogs are forbidden inside the 

Ice Skating 

This is a good example of a multi-function board! Now available 365 days a year, the rink offers users the chance to play hockey both summer and winter. A basketball hoop is also located at the end of the rink.

Ball and soccer

fields These two fields are the ideal place to practice group sports with family or friends. Why not get bigger and turn the soccer field into a “ultimate frisbee” field or the ball field into a kick-ball field?

Tennis court

The rules of the tennis court are as follows:

  • Changes are made at a fixed time. Ex .: 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, etc.
  • Sneakers are mandatory
  • Closing of the premises: 22h00
  • It is forbidden to:
    • Smoking and eating on the ground
    • Playing shirtless or in a camisole
    • Cycling or skateboarding
    • Shouting or harming in any way whatsoever to the smooth running of the parties
    • Change the height of the nets

Route of the Missisquoi-North Valley

Go on an adventure on the side roads, go to the discovery of landscapes sometimes discreet, often dazzling, to stroll aboard a kayak in the meanders of the river under the cover of the silver maples, to reach a still wild nature, in short, what the Missisquoi-North Valley offers. Winter or summer, this valley nestled in the mountains abounds in often hidden attractions. The contact with nature revolves around activities of a sporting nature which are addressed to all. Navigating the river, taking the trails of the valley in all seasons and cycling on the country lanes require a little endurance and skill.

Access to the river, hiking trails and village trails in the Missisquoi-Nord Valley, which connect the main villages of the four municipalities to other hiking networks, is free. However, you must pay the access fees when you take the Trails of the Estrie and the trails of the nature reserve of Green Mountains.

In addition, the Municipality has a park accessible by the South Pine Street, with a surface area of 100 acres for hiking on a circuit of 3 km and a view of the Missisquoi-North River from the walkway above the river.

Bicycle and cross-country ski trail La Montagnarde

Beautiful trail bike, pedestrian, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, the Montagnard is aptly named! This is a stretch of Green Road # 1 and the Trans Canada Trail.

The trail reroutes the agglomerations of Waterloo, Eastman, Orford, Magog and Deauville for a distance of about 50 kilometers.

Parking spaces are available at the Tourist Office, Sports Park, Church, Chemin des Diligences and Chemin George-Bonnallie. See the signs.

Eastman-Orford (entrance to the park): 9.2 km
Eastman-Magog: 34 km
Eastman-Deauville: 54 km
Eastman-Waterloo: 21 km